Gifted Testing

Miami-Dade County public schools allows for children to enter into the gifted and talented program when they are referred by their teacher or school counselor for evaluation and score 2 standard deviation’s about the mean on an approved test of intellectual functioning.

Dr. Calbeck uses one of three tests in order to determine if the student meets criteria for entry into the gifted and talented program: RIAS-2, WISC-V, or the WPPSI-IV.

Gifted or Talented Program Assessment Process

The testing process is based on a structured protocol. Times for testing very between 75-120 minutes. The testing process involves the child playing a series of problem-solving games which assess verbal and nonverbal reasoning skills, working memory skills, and information processing speeds. If the child scores at or above the two standard deviation cut off, the parent will submit the report to the school along with the paperwork required by the school system so that their child maybe correctly placed in the gifted and talented program classroom, where he or she will receive an accelerated academic program.

In our local area, students for kindergarten are allowed to register for classes in February of the preceding academic year of their admission status eligibility. For this reason, gifted evaluations are often conducted in December and January and February so that parents can have their children placed by the time they are in their classrooms in the following fall semester.

Of course, evaluations could be conducted at any time during the academic year, but Miami Dade County Public schools take about 120 business days to process the request. The earlier parents submit the report, the more quickly the child can be placed.

Miami Dade County Gifted Testing Application Form

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