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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the notion that our thoughts, our behaviors and our emotions are all connected. And one of the main things that we work on in psychotherapy is understanding our mistakes, in thinking we all make mistakes and thinking no one is perfect. But when we can get more logical thoughts, more realistic expectations and more reasonable ways of looking at things, we can often have a more comfortable way of feeling and a more productive way of doing so.

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Our CBT therapy covers a wide range of issues and treatment paths. Contact us today to set up an in person or virtual appointment.

Dr. Calbeck uses CBT helps clients learn to distinguish between reasonable fears and unproductive anxiety.

Anxiety Treatment

Dr. Calbeck uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help clients differentiate normative sadness from mistakes in thinking leading us to expect losses, therefore, feeling unnecessarily sad. 

Depression Treatment

CBT helps clients learn to move beyond their rituals/compulsions. Dr. Calbeck completed specialized training to treat clients with OCD.

OCD Treatment

The goal of a psychological assessment is to clarify a behavioral or emotional diagnosis using a clinical interview, psychometric assessment (validated objective measures), and symptom inventories.