Potentially harmful and ineffective treatments for OCD

OCD is a difficult and sometimes debilitating mental health problem. But with proper treatment, there is hope for people who are suffering. The most effective treatment is exposure and response prevention (ERP). Dr. Calbeck received specific training through the behavior therapy training institute (BTTI) to learn the specific techniques that have empirical support in treating […]

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is defined as the experience of feeling fear in the absence of an actual threat. You may say to yourself “I’m anxious about things that could actually happen or that might actually happen in the future and isn’t that an actual threat?” The answer is not really. An actual threat occurs when a predator […]

Why should my child have a neuropsychological evaluation?

Why should my child have a neuropsychological evaluation? Some parents also refer to this type of evaluation as a comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation. Children are referred for evaluations for many different reasons. Some children are having difficulty with their behavior in the classroom, while others are not focusing or concentrating as they should, and others are […]

How Stress and Cardiovascular Disease Relate

Recently, a large population-based study comparing siblings with and without stress disorders found that stressed individuals were much more likely to have a serious cardiovascular disease with an onset before 50 years old (Hong, et. al, 2019). Individuals with more significant stress suffered more significant cardiovascular problems. The risks of acute and serious cardiovascular problems […]