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San Marino Island

San Marino Island Highlights:

As one of the original, planned Venetian Islands completed in the early 20th century, San Marino Island has a unique distinction among US coastal islands. It is completely man-made and the result of a project co-founded by John S. Collins, a local farmer and real estate investor, and Carl G. Fisher, a racing pioneer and investment partner. Located in beautiful Biscayne Bay, San Marino Island is located within minutes of Miami Beach’s City Center as well as mainland Miami.

Since its creation, San Marino Island has been home to several local, regional, national, and even international celebrities, who frequent the area for its beautiful views, luxury homes, and astoundingly relaxed beachside atmosphere. Unlike many mainland homes, however, San Marino’s beachfront and inland homes are all located well within the lush, tropical greenery the islands are known for. Though strictly residential, San Marino has access to Miami Beach and Miami Proper’s numerous cultural, dining, and shopping experiences via the Venetian Causeway.

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