Rivo Alto Island

Rivo Alto Island at a Glance:
  • Population: 233
  • Man-made island
  • Sought-after residential neighborhood
  • Close proximity to Flagler Monument Island

Rivo Alto Island is a beautiful man-made island situated in the Biscayne Bay, part of the city of Miami Beach, FL, in a highly desirable residential neighborhood. Home prices in this beautiful community range from half-million dollar condos to $15 million mansions. It sits just between Di Lido Island and Belle Isle, as part of the lovely and notable Venetian Islands. These six artificial islands are one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the Miami area. Miami residents who have the means choose this area as their home not just as a status symbol, but for its prime location close to nightlife, dining, and social events – all on an island away from the noise and bustle of city life.

The Venetian Causeway connects the islands to the mainland and downtown Miami, as well as to Miami Beach. This causeway was built along the route of the Collins Bridge, which was constructed in 1913 as a means to open up the barrier island that the City of Miami Beach sits on. This bridge was the key to opening up the island to development and can be credited with spurring the growth of one of the most vibrant cities in the country. Original development plans were much larger in scope, with a proposed additional causeway that would have connected Hibiscus Island and continued north to an additional five man-made islands. The Flagler Monument Island sits just off the southern tip of Rivo Alto Island. This small island is also man-made and houses an obelisk memorial to pioneer Henry Flagler.

Did You Know?
  • Although the Venetian Islands are considered to be artificial, Belle Isle existed as a much smaller island before development began.
  • The nearby Flagler Monument pays tribute to Henry Flagler, who built a railroad to South Florida that engendered the creation of the great city of Miami.
  • The Flagler Monument Island is fenced-off and uninhabited, but the shoreline of the island is a hotbed for boat parties in the South Florida sun.
  • If you want to live on Rivo Alto Island, you’ll need to prepare to make an investment. Home prices in this idyllic neighborhood average in the millions of dollars.

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