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Di Lido Island

Di Lido Island Highlights:

Located on Miami Beach’s beautiful Biscayne Bay and sandwiched between Greater Miami and Miami Beach itself, the Venetian Islands are a manmade set of islands as well-known for their unique origins. Di Lido Island is situated in what many consider to be the middle of the Venetians – due west of Belle Isle and Rivo Alto Island, and east of Biscayne, San Marco, and San Marino Islands. The Venetian Causeway connects each of these islands to each other as well as to Miami and Miami Beach.

Once the site of numerous, smaller beach homes for locals and snowbirds alike, Di Lido Island has become the new face of the Venetian’s rejuvenation efforts, replacing these older homes with modern, luxurious estates. Newer additions to sea walls, water drainage systems, and other necessities has made Di Lido a boom town for luxury construction. It has drawn in big names from around the world in the process. Though the island is residential, excellent dining, shopping, and cultural events can be found in nearby Miami Beach and Greater Miami.

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