City Center

City Center Highlights:
  • Population 4,174 (2010)
  • Located between Dade Boulevard and 23rd Street on the north end, and Lincoln Road on the south
  • Both easterly and westerly boundaries are water – Biscayne Bay to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east
  • Considered one of Miami Beach’s dining and shopping hubs
  • Peak travel season spans the dry season, from November to April

The city of Miami Beach, as a part of the Greater Miami Area, is uniquely situated between two bodies of water, providing area residents and visitors alike with the ultimate in Florida beach culture. Located between Mid-Beach and South Beach, the City Center area is smack in the middle of some of the best Atlantic Ocean beaches in the area. As a result, some of the best activities in the area are free – visit a beach, take a drive down Ocean Drive, or simply take in the tropical scenery.

Other natural highlights include the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, located on the north end of the neighborhood, as well as Collins Park, in the northwest corner. For a more cultural display, the New World Center, Fillmore Miami Beach, and the Miami Beach Convention Center are all located within the confines of City Center and frequently host performances by world-renowned and local cultural icons. Finally, dining and shopping at the Lincoln Road Promenade, as well as along City Center’s streets and beaches themselves, make City Center one of the best places to visit if you’re looking for world-class restaurants and shops.

Did You Know?
  • Years ago, the Pirates Blackbeard and Gasparilla frequented the areas just offshore of Miami Beach’s City Center. Local treasure hunters swear there is still plenty of gold and silver to be found on or near area beaches.
  • Miami Beach is largely manmade. Once a coconut grove and plantation, developers made the area what it is today by adding to the original coconut plantation footprint. You’d never guess from the current combination of hustle and bustle and relaxed beachfront living its origins.
  • As many as 150 different ethnicities make up City Center’s population. People in the area speak a total of 60 plus different languages. You’ll find hints of the multiple different cultures all around the city’s streets and attractions, as well as simply by conversing with the locals.

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