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Belle Isle - Miami Beach, FL

Belle Isle Highlights:

Located the furthest east of all the Venetian Islands, a series of man-made islands in Miami Beach’s Biscayne Bay, Belle Isle began as a haven for mangroves. When it became clear that this beautiful little island was perfectly situated for human inhabitants, fruit farmer and business tycoon John S. Collins – namesake of the Collins Bridge and Collins Canal – partnered with local businessman Carl G. Fisher to formulate a plan for the displaced Biscayne Bay sand excavated in the building of the bridge. The sand was used to widen the footprint of the island. Plots were delineated, and the rest is history. Through the years, Belle Isle has been host to the Biscayne Bay Speedboat Regattas, a University of Miami marine lab, the All Souls Episcopal Church, the J.C. Penney estate, and a number of others. Now, the island is home to a variety of properties, from quaint beachfront apartments to luxury condos. Check out the newly updated island-center park, the diverse array of restaurants, or sit back and take in the view.

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